The REAL Reason You’re Still Single.
Multiple Choice.
The REAL Reason You’re Still Single.
The REAL Reason You’re Still Single.
Multiple Choice.



C. Will die alone with 72 cats


Jk but there are two big problems in dating.

1) You don’t want the people who want you.
2) The people you want don’t want you in return.

Now, take a look at those two problems; which one do you think you can change?

Most of us take the futile route of trying to change the second one – “How do I MAKE him like me?” “I’m exactly what he’s looking for!” “He doesn’t know what’s good for him.” But, as we’ve established a few hundred times on this blog, you can’t change anyone else’s thinking.

What you can change is YOU.

To be fair, it’s possible to “make” someone like you by becoming a more desirable catch – there’s no doubt that a man who earns more money, gains more confidence, and gets more experience will have a more positive dating life. But he’s not actually CHANGING women. He’s only changing himself.

But getting on tinder seems to the latest trend in millennials. Remember ladies men can’t always make more money than us. Women can’t always look like a Instagram model. And as easy as it is to talk about gaining confidence and experience, most folks would rather sit on the sidelines and complain that the people you want don’t want you in return.

This is a waste of time.

In fact, the easiest remedy for an ailing love life is to want the people who want you.


Nothing pisses off a woman more than the suggestion that they may be somewhat responsible for being single.

But, to be crystal clear, it’s not just us women.

There are tons of good men who are educated, handsome, funny, romantic, edgy, & well endowed who just can’t find a woman good enough for him. Seems like guys who are probably 7’s in looks and 8.5’s in in everything else, just can’t help but to go for women who are 9’s in looks, but 5’s in emotional intelligence/compatibility/humour.

If you’re single, and never find anybody “good enough,” chances are that you do the exact same thing.

Today, I’m calling you out.

Because if you’ve been dating this way for 5, 10 or 20 years, there’s something that you’re not seeing.


Don't be this lady!!!!