Hair care simplified!
Hair care simplified!
Hair care simplified!
De-tangle and brush before washing your hair
Shampoo hair at least once a week
Use a quality name brand shampoo and conditioner with low PH balance
Wash and condition hair in a downward motion. Do not massage or rub the hair against itself. Use your fingers between the wefts in a horizontal motion to clean your scalp.
Squeeze out excess water and air dry hair. Remember heat can be damaging and will shorten the life span of your extensions
Use a leave in conditioner
Gently comb hair with a wide tooth comb. Begin combing small sections at the ends, working up towards the scalp.
It is recommended to let the hair air dry naturally but you may use a blow dryer set on cool or low heat temperature.
If you must use heat, be sure you use a small amount leave in conditioner first. Not too much, as it can weigh down and/or tangle hair
Prior to going to bed, we recommend you wrap, braid, plait, pin curl or roller set your hair
NEVER sleep on wet hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed
Sleep on a satin/silk pillow case or with a satin/silk cap or scarf.