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I got an e-mail saying that I have to verify my order details - what does that mean?

We have a very secure and smart payment system. If our system detects that your order is a potential risk of fraud, we will place your order on hold and reach out to you to verify the details of your order for the safety of our company and for the credit card holder. For example, if you are placing an order with a credit card that is issued in a different country than where you are placing the order form, our system will detect the difference in countries and your order will be flagged as a potential risk of fraud.

To verify these details, please simply respond to the e-mail that was sent to you from a Support Representative at Belair Beauty Club.

So we may ask to verify your Id and last 4 digits of your card, we will not take a photo copy and depending on the info provided in the order we may ask for a selfie with the card in hand.