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What is the difference between a lace and silk closure/frontals?

LACE Closures are thin and allow your natural hair to breathe. They're more flexible than silk and with proper installation, will lay flat on your head. This reduces the appearance of "raising" or demarcation at your hairline. Lace closure knots are easy to bleach or dye and are usually easy for stylists to work with.    SILK Closures have a built in, medium-brown scalp base that completely covers your natural hair. They are thicker than lace closures, yet offer you a very natural looking crown/scalp appearance. The silk base does not typically require dye to match your hairline.   Prior to purchase, we suggest discussing with your stylist which one is most suitable to the hairstyle you will have.

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Why should I wear a closure?

BENEFITS OF WEARING A CLOSURE: Protects your natural hair from heat damage, over-processing, and stress. This allows it to grow! Allows you to try different colors and styles easily Prevents sew-in wefts and braids from showing No concern with blending and matching the texture to your natural hair Creates a natural hair line Eliminates bad hair days!

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